Decorative Concrete Stain

We create decorative concrete designs using many different combinations of stains, dyes, micro-toppings, stencils and scoring.  Whether your project is commercial, residential, indoors, outdoors, new or remodel, we can work with you to craft a unique design.

While many advertise making your concrete look like marble or flagstone, Re-Crete believes that concrete is a simple and beautiful canvas with its own attributes and qualities.  We want to reveal the character of your concrete by creating a floor that is as individual as you are.

Re-Use, Re-Vive, Re-Invent,

Re-Crete: Your Concrete Artist!

The Benefits of Re-Crete Decorative Stained Concrete

Custom: Your floor will be one of a kind, unique to you and highly personalized.

Versatile: Concrete is extremely versatile and can enhance any style, from French Country to Contemporary. From Arts and Crafts to Industrial. From Traditional to Modern.  There are 1000’s of  possibilities for color and patterns.

Practical: Re-Crete uses the highest quality products to create floors that are incredibly durable, stain-resistant, environmentally friendly and low-maintenance. Common food and household items will not stain your floor. With minimal routine care, concrete floors will remain a beautiful addition to your home or business for many, many years.

Hypoallergenic: No place for dust, dirt, or bugs to hide.

Ambient Air Temperature:  This means your concrete floor is as warm or cool as your home.

Imperfections: Yes, this is a benefit!  Concrete floors are handmade and hand finished. Since concrete is a diverse mixture of many different ingredients, slight variations in color, shade, texture and overall appearance should be expected. All concrete is susceptible to tiny hairline cracks. With Texas weather, they can sometimes appear 1 or 2 months or even years after installation, and are generally a result of seasonal movement of the floor and the house itself. These should be considered part of the aesthetic charm of concrete, and not a defect.

NEW!  Stained Concrete Tilt-walls

Re-Crete stains concrete tilt-walls.  Add to the durability and natural beauty of concrete construction by staining your concrete tilt-walls instead of painting them.


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