ODOT Sign Shop: Concrete Hardening

We were back up in Oklahoma for the third slab and shot some drone footage. This is the biggest slab of the four that we are hardening. We are hardening the concrete using Chem-Coat Industries L2, a Lithium Silicate product.

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ODOT Concrete Hardening

We are hardening the concrete on this project. We are using a lithium based product that can be applied to concrete as soon as the finishers are done.  There is not any waste or cleanup.  As soon as the product is dry, they will start the saw cutting.  This is a newer technology then the old sodium silicate.  Being able to come in now, really saves on the project schedule later on.

While waiting for the concrete to be finished, we took some drone footage of the slab being poured.

Atlas Construction is the General Contractor

Concrete Enterprises is the Concrete Contractor.

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Fall is the Time to Reseal Stained Driveways

Outside concrete fades in the sun

Re-Seal your Concrete in the Fall

The Sealer Protects the Stain

If it has been a few years since your outdoor concrete such as stained driveways, patios or pool decks have been sealed, fall is an excellent time to have that maintenance done.

The sealer protects the stained finish and will give your finished surface many more productive years.

Stained concrete that looks old and faded will look new again when you have it properly cleaned and resealed.

Un-Sealed Stained and Stamped Concrete

Un-Sealed and Dirty Stained Concrete

Re-Sealed Stamped Concrete

Re-Sealed Stained Concrete

Micro-Topping Can Change the Color

If you have recently purchased a home or business that has stamped concrete in colors that you don’t like, give Re-Crete a call at 817.360.0763.  We will be happy to talk to about micro-topping the old concrete and staining it in a whole new color that you will like for many years.

Instead of tearing out your concrete and pouring new concrete, we go over the existing stamped concrete.  This keeps the existing pattern and just gives us a new surface to color.  This cuts down on the time and mess, but creates a totally new look for your home or business.



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Top Drivers for Renovation Projects


HOUZZ and Qualified Remodeler have teamed up with this great chart to show why people are remodeling.

Top Drivers for Renovation Projects

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Impressive Entrances

We love all the projects we work on, but every once in a while we do a project that just says Wow!  As you can see from the Before and After photos of this project, adding the stained stairs really makes this property stand out.  We loved the color choice and how it brought out the colors of the natural stone.  Needless to say, this is a showstopper in Southlake, TX. 

Stairway to Front of Home without Stained ConcreteHome Entrance after application of stain


2014-05-15 11.14.59

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Two Great Articles about Expectations and Stained Floor

Concrete Décor Magazine has two great articles on Decorative Concrete Contractors and Architects. 

5 Things Decorative Concrete Pros Want From Architects

Architects and designers are giving decorative concrete professionals heartburn … either they know too little about decorative concrete or they think they know more than they do. Sometimes, they even compromise the quality of the job. What can you do to protect your livelihood?  Read more at Concrete Decor


Concrete Decor Magazine


5 Things Architects Want From Decorative Concrete Pros


Architects and designers have decorative concrete frustrations all their own. We got a few to open up and talk about their biggest challenges when dealing with decorative concrete tradespeople.  Read more at  Concrete Decor

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Interviewed in Concrete Décor magazine

Doug Bhatt of Re-Crete was recently interviewed for an article in the National Trade Magazine, Concrete Décor.  You can read what Doug had to say about Coating applicators here in the article titled,

Advanced Tools for Coating Application


Concrete Decor

Photo from ConcreteDecor.net

For a video showing Doug Bhatt using the applicator you can visit here.

Doug applying the floor finish to a stained concrete project

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Re-Crete Celebrates 20 Years in Business

This month marks a major milestone for Re-Crete as we celebrate our 20th anniversary. What began in 1994 with an idea found in a magazine has grown into a successful small business. On behalf of the entire Re-Crete team, I want thank all of our customers for helping make our company a success.

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Material 4X M-Pact Glove Review

Using Material4X M-Pact gloves

I have used different versions of the Mechanix gloves for years and I LOVE them. They make durable, long lasting gloves that can deal with years of hard labor. My hands are essential to my life and to my work. I have had a few hand injuries that could have been lessened had I had gloves on. (Lesson learned!)

I have tried different brands over the years that have gotten worn out with grinding and sawcutting in just a few months. The fingers of other gloves just wear away with all the dust and dirt that comes with prepping floors.

A while back I got a pair of the Material 4X M-Pact gloves from Mechanix. I have been using this pair for about 5 months now and the gloves show very little signs of being worn. If you saw them you would not believe that that they had been used that much.

The gloves are intended for:

· Multipurpose

· Abrasive material handling

· Fabrication

· Construction

· Railroad

· Woodwork

· Maintenance & repair

· Heavy equipment operation

· Towing & transportation

· DIY/Home improvement 

Keeping my Hands Safe and Warm

 Material4X M-Pact gloves

Luckily, living in Texas, we don’t deal with super cold temperatures but when it has gotten cold my hands have been kept warm and comfortable with these gloves on.

For anyone who has used a grinder for longer than 10 minutes, I can tell you, they heat up QUICK! The gloves protected my hands from the searing hot grinder body. I also noticed a fair amount of vibration reduction on my hands. After a full day of grinding, my hands didn’t feel like they were still grinding, like they have in the past.

Great Knuckle Protection

I am always on my hands and knees on job sites simply because that is where the work is. I have a rolling knee cart that replaced my knee pads a few years back where I typically use my fist to drag myself a few inches. The Mechanix glove has a Thermal Plastic Rubber on the knuckle area that helps keep my knuckles out of harms’ way.

Mechanix Material4X M-Pact glove closure

The gloves have a hook and loop wrist strap that is a very high quality. This isn’t the normal crap catching style you see everywhere else. This keeps the gloves from coming undone while you are working because the hooks aren’t filled with hair and debris. The strap is locking on the palm side of your hand which seems to keep the strap from getting undone better than when it is on the back side.

The Mechanix Material 4X M-Pact gloves are not designed for ultra dexterity but I have combo locks on my trailer and I can turn the dials easily enough to unlock them with the gloves on.

Large Selection

Mechanix makes a very large selection of gloves for just about every application out there.

Overall Thoughts:

The Mechanix Material4X M-Pact gloves are a hard glove to beat when you know your hands are going to be taking a beating on the jobsite.

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Glossy vs. Matte Finishes


How do you choose what you want for your stained concrete floor project? The factors to consider are:

· Cost

· Color and Reflectivity

· Cleaning

Cost Factors

Re-Crete feels that it is very important to protect your stained concrete floors with a wax finish (acrylic floor finish) after we seal your floor. The sealer protects the concrete stain and the wax protects the sealer. This will add many years to your floor. The issue right now is that glossy waxes (acrylic floor finishes) are easy to find and relativity inexpensive. Matte finish waxes are more difficult to find and more costly.

Color and Reflectivity

The biggest influence on choice is the final look you want for your decorative floor. The glossy finish will make the stained concrete colors “pop” and be more vibrant. They also make the floor more reflective, meaning the room will be lighter as it reflects all the light sources back into the room. This means that you might need less room lighting, therefore using less energy. The matte finish is a more natural stone look and seems to be trending more with darker finishes and paint colors.  This is a great look with the salvage industrial decorating style.

Cleaning Factors

A glossy stained concrete floor is easier to clean because it gives you a smoother floor, but will show wear more quickly. A matte concrete stained floor will hide more imperfections such as an uneven floor and even some scuff marks.

The choice is yours


 Coffee Bean Dye with Glossy Sealer

Coffee Bean Dye with Glossy

Coffee Bean Dye with Matte Sealer

Coffee Bean Dye with Matte

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