Lighting Matters

lighting matters


When choosing colors for your floor, or actually any color in your room, make sure that you are looking at under the lighting in that room at different times of the day.  We have many choices for lighting today and they all make colors look different.  I recently painted my bedroom a beautiful khaki color.  Loved it during the day.  Hated it at night.  I was thinking I was going to have to repaint the room or change my accent color because the paint looked green at night and didn’t go with my teal accents.  Then it dawned on me.  It was the fluorescent light bulbs!  I try to be as energy conscience as I can, but in this one room, I had to switch back to the incandescence to make sure my beautiful khaki was khaki all the time.  IF I had been smart, I would have looked at the paint under the night lighting of the room before I put it on all of my walls.

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Houzz Article about Concrete Floors

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11 Things to Expect With Your Remodel

One of my favorite websites for remodeling ideas and home design ideas is  It is a resource that is fun, helpful and always up to date.

My favorite thing about it is the ability to clip photos of my favorite projects and file them by room or category.  No more tearing off pages of magazines and never looking at them again.   We recently remodeled our bathroom and I used almost exclusively for ideas.  It was easy to see what what I liked and then to go and show my husband what I was talking about.

This is a great little article about remodeling.  You might want to go over it before you talk to your contractor so you know exactly what to expect during your remodel.

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February Announcements

Seagoville City Hall Logo Coffee Bean Dye

We just redid the floors for Seagoville City Hall.  We had the old tile removed, patched the floor then micro topped the floor so it would all take the color the same.  We then dyed the floor with Chem-Coats Coffee Bean Dye and sealed the floor , added the City’s Logo and they have an amazing new floor.   See more logos in our gallery.

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January 2013 Announcements

We completed two projects in January that we wanted to tell you about.  We dyed and sealed the main floors at the Richland Hills Medical Center with Nationwide Construction.  We also did some sealed floors for Ambit Energy with Crocker Reynolds.  Good Working with you guys!

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Why Choose Stained Concrete Floors?

Would you like to have art on your floor? That is what you can have with concrete stain. Concrete stain adds character, beauty and fun to your existing or new concrete. While carpet, wood, tile have traditionally been used on indoor floors, concrete stained floors are becoming much more popular, especially in large, high end homes. But unlike those conventional materials, stained concrete conveys a very luxurious appeal to your home and lasts the life of your home. Visit our Gallery and see how concrete is being used in kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms as well as your usual outdoor spaces such as patios and driveways.

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Cleaning and Maintaining your Interior Concrete Stained Floors

Cleaning and maintaining your concrete floors is easy and very inexpensive. You need to keep them swept and free of things that can be ground in or dragged across the surface. You need to mop the floor as needed with a neutral degreaser cleaner. We have concrete stained floors in our home and we have purchased a home floor machine. The machine we bought vacuums, then we go back over the floor on the cleaner mode and it scrubs the floor and sucks up the water. A great machine for about a hundred bucks.

The sealer on your floor protects the stain and it can wear away. The way to protect that is with an acrylic floor finish. You can apply this yourself as needed, especially in high traffic areas.  See our video on how simple acrylic floor finish is to apply.

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December 2012 Announcements

We completed two great projects in December.  We sealed a whole lot concrete for TS Bryne Construction on their Frank Kent Cadillac Project in West Fort Worth.  We also stained the hallways of the new dorms for Mission Texas in Weatherford Texas for GL Barron Construction.  It was a great month and we are looking forward to doing some great projects in 2013. 

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Are Concrete Floors Cold to Walk on?

Concrete is known to be porous and therefore can absorb heat or cold quickly, store it, and release it little by little. In fact, you might see a small reduction in your energy bills because of this ability. But walking on concrete in the winter in Texas is not any different than walking on a ceramic tile floor.

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November 2012 Announcements

We have just completed another project for the Corbet Group, The Greenville WWTP.  We stained their floors with a  beautiful  Bronze Dye.  Head over to our Gallery and check it out. 

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