Commercial Projects

We pride ourselves on our working relationships with our general contractors at bidding and in the field.

We are constantly seeking new products and applications to meet their needs on the job.

We have experience with schools, warehouses, restaurants, churches, office buildings, government projects, strip center buildings, apartments, and others.

Presently we offer the following services:

Concrete Stain and Seal:

Concrete dyes and acrylic sealers are our passion.  Concrete dyes are the new industry standard and have the same durability as acid stains. As with acid stains, the sealers applied to dyes must be maintained.

We are a solutions focused company and work to solve the many issues that come up during construction and working with clients.  We work with many manufacturers and attend as many trade shows & classes as possible to stay on top of the best products.

Clear Sealed Concrete:

Water-based acrylics, solvent based acrylics and water-based urethane’s are the staple of our business.  We also will stripe a warehouse with tape at the time of cleaning and sealing it.  We can supply both glossy and matte finishes.

Color Sealed Concrete:

Sealed concrete is a beautiful end product when all things go well.  But we all know that sometimes, things happen on a job site and the concrete just didn’t come out the way the client envisions.  The solution to that can be a colored acrylic sealer.  This has similar durability to sealed concrete while hiding some obvious imperfections.

Concrete Hardening:

Using L2, a lithium silicate product by Chem-Coat, we apply this product at time of placement as soon as the concrete finishers are done and before the saw cutters we apply the material.  As soon as it is dry (in as little as 20 minutes), the saw cutter can start.  The biggest benefit of L2 over more traditional silicate products is that we are now out of your schedule.  You do not have to schedule days where other trades have no access to the floor.

Tilt Wall Staining:

A beautiful alternative to more traditional finishes.

Remodels: Micro-topping

Remodels offer their own set of issues and challenges.  Concrete stain is often the floor of choice for remodels.  We will look at the project and offer our solutions.  One of most popular solutions is our unique micro-topping system.  This is truly a “micro” topping.  It basically gives us a new canvas to color.  It will not cover up the “character” of the older concrete, but will remove the often unsightly visual blemishes such as ghosting and discolorations (such as grease stains) in the concrete.  This system is sprayed on (1000 sq ft in an hour) and then stained and sealed as regular concrete.


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