General Information

Doug is a hands-on craftsman who believes that the result of every decorative project should be a work of art which is functional, personal and beautiful. He believes that stained floors should reflect your personality or project goals. Doug has been in the decorative concrete business since 1994 and has a passion for concrete stain. When you choose Re-Crete for your stain project you will be working with Doug and his crew. Re-Crete believes that every floor should be a collaborative effort of our experience and your desires. Together we can create a look that magnifies the natural beauty of cement, the oldest building material in the world.

Acid Stain:

Acid stains are metallic salts in acidic, water-based solution that reacts with the lime in the concrete and becomes a permanent part of the concrete.  The stain can be applied to new or existing concrete. Stains come in earth tone colors and can be layered for different effects. Each floor will take on an original and different look.


Concrete dyes are translucent, penetrating color solutions.  But unlike stains, they do not react chemically with concrete.  Instead, they contain very fine coloring agents that penetrate into the concrete surface. We use dyes to add depth, additional color, and colors that are unavailable with stains. Like stain, they will not hide or mask imperfections in the concrete.   The real advantage of using dyes is the ability to go back to a project and recolor areas that been mistreated.  We can recolor areas that are worn with excessive traffic, areas that have been scratched, just to name a few.


If scoring is desired, we score the concrete to a depth of about 1/8 of an inch in a pre-approved pattern. We will work with you to design a pattern that will work well in your room. We suggest the pattern be no smaller than 24” by 24” to keep the floor from becoming too busy and if there are existing walls, we will have a minimum 8” border around the room. We can work with you or your architect to create custom patterns at an additional fee. While we use a vacuum system during this process it will still create dust in your room.

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