Environmental Policy

Our guiding principle:

To be good stewards of our planet by aggressively finding ways to reduce our impact on the environment.

We are passionate about integrating environmental stewardship and sustainability into our business.

Life Cycle

Concrete is built to last. It is a product that will have a long, useful life span; it is not designed to be disposable and replaced multiple times. Re-Crete uses the existing concrete surface to give you a beautiful lifelong floor.



Re-Crete llc chooses products that are conforming to LEED guidelines whenever possible. We use VOC exempt products, ultra low VOC products (0-4% VOC) and water-based products.  The stains do not require additional cleaning between coats or before sealing, reducing water usage and extra waste.



We divert from landfills by utilizing reusable wood pallets, reusing and then recycling our metal and plastic containers, and implementing recycling programs for cardboard, mixed paper, plastic and aluminum.



We use local stain and sealer manufactures’ when at all possible.


Paperless Billing


Virtual Office

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