Going Green and LEED

Environmental Benefits of Staining Concrete 

Eco Friendly Choice

There are many benefits to having a stained concrete floor.  Environmentally, you are using the element on hand and not adding anything that will pollute the environment during its construction, nor will it fill a landfill if you choose another floor later on, you just cover this one up.  Concrete stain is more versatile than most tiles or natural stones.  Concrete is great for allergy sufferers offering relief from trapped allergens found in carpets

Concrete is Sustainable and has the following qualities:

  • Resource Efficient. Reduces need for finishes in general including carpet which is associated with indoor air quality problems. 
  • Durable. Concrete stands up to natural disasters, wind-driven rain, moisture damage, and vermin. Less replacement means reduced resource requirements. 
  • Cool. Outside, Using light- or natural-colored material helps reduce the heat island affect. 
  • Low emitting. Concrete has low VOC emission and does not degrade indoor air quality. 
  • Recyclable. Concrete is commonly recycled in urban areas into fill and road base material at the end of service life. 
  • Local. Materials are usually extracted and manufactured locally.

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