Product Choices

Re-Crete Now Offers Products that  are eco friendly and comply with LEED guidelines.


Re-Crete uses these products whenever possible. They are low to no VOC. They do not require cleaning between coats or before you seal the concrete, reducing water waste and extra disposals.

 Eco Friendly Sealers

Water based sealers are available that are low VOC and Locally produced. These sealers do not give the floor the shine that solvent based sealers do. This is a personal preference for you to choose.

Environmental Benefits

Concrete is Sustainable and has the following qualities:

 Resource Efficient. Reduces need for finishes in general including carpet which is associated with indoor air quality problems.

 Durable. Concrete stands up to natural disasters, wind-driven rain, moisture damage, and vermin. Less replacement means reduced resource requirements.

 Cool. Outside, Using light- or natural-colored material helps reduce the heat island affect.

 Low emitting. Concrete has low VOC emission and does not degrade indoor air quality.

 Recyclable. Concrete is commonly recycled in urban areas into fill and road base material at the end of service life.

 Local. Materials are usually extracted and manufactured locally.

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