Dear Neighbor, 
When I first saw a stained concrete floor at my cousin’s home, I believed it was
expensive marble.  I had to look a much closer look to determine what is really was. 
Wow!!! It was just plain concrete cut and finished in a beautiful way.  I called the
professional that did this very nice work wanting the same in my living room.  
This professional only worked with new concrete or already prepared concrete.  And I
had an older floor that needed tile, paint, glue, carpet, pad, and tack strips to be removed
and the concrete to be refinished prior to staining.
So I turned to Doug Bhatt at Re-Crete who does both the prep and the finish work.  I have
found Doug to be a conscious professional that was a joy to work with.  Doug has been in
the concrete staining business for 15 years.  He knows what he is doing and does it well. 
I am totally satisfied with the beautiful floor Doug has provided for our home.
If you need home, patio, or garage flooring that is absolutely beautiful, easy to clean,
long lasting, and non-allergy generating,  I don’t think you can find any better than 
refinished concrete with Doug’s craftsmanship.
If you have any doubts what Doug can do for your floors, come over to my house and see
the beautiful floors that Doug Bhatt has provided for my home.  Please make the
appointment through Doug.
Clint Young

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