Lighting Matters

lighting matters


When choosing colors for your floor, or actually any color in your room, make sure that you are looking at under the lighting in that room at different times of the day.  We have many choices for lighting today and they all make colors look different.  I recently painted my bedroom a beautiful khaki color.  Loved it during the day.  Hated it at night.  I was thinking I was going to have to repaint the room or change my accent color because the paint looked green at night and didn’t go with my teal accents.  Then it dawned on me.  It was the fluorescent light bulbs!  I try to be as energy conscience as I can, but in this one room, I had to switch back to the incandescence to make sure my beautiful khaki was khaki all the time.  IF I had been smart, I would have looked at the paint under the night lighting of the room before I put it on all of my walls.

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