Fall is the Time to Reseal Stained Driveways

Outside concrete fades in the sun

Re-Seal your Concrete in the Fall

The Sealer Protects the Stain

If it has been a few years since your outdoor concrete such as stained driveways, patios or pool decks have been sealed, fall is an excellent time to have that maintenance done.

The sealer protects the stained finish and will give your finished surface many more productive years.

Stained concrete that looks old and faded will look new again when you have it properly cleaned and resealed.

Un-Sealed Stained and Stamped Concrete

Un-Sealed and Dirty Stained Concrete

Re-Sealed Stamped Concrete

Re-Sealed Stained Concrete

Micro-Topping Can Change the Color

If you have recently purchased a home or business that has stamped concrete in colors that you don’t like, give Re-Crete a call at 817.360.0763.  We will be happy to talk to about micro-topping the old concrete and staining it in a whole new color that you will like for many years.

Instead of tearing out your concrete and pouring new concrete, we go over the existing stamped concrete.  This keeps the existing pattern and just gives us a new surface to color.  This cuts down on the time and mess, but creates a totally new look for your home or business.



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