Driveways: Refreshed Stamped Concrete

Re-Crete: Before Driveway

Driveway before we cleaned and resealed the stamped concrete.

Re-Crete: after driveway

Driveway after the stamped concrete was cleaned and resealed.

As you can see on this five year old driveway, the sun, weather and just daily wear and tear, really takes it’s toll on stamped concrete.  In most cases, the color and the texture is still there.  All it needs is to be deep cleaned and resealed with the proper materials to look brand new and you can have many more years of life out of your decorative concrete driveways.  Give us a call today.  817.360.0763

Before and After ReSealed Stamped Concrete Driveway

Bring back the life to your stamped concrete



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