Problem Solver

Many people have been told by other contractors that you can not successfully stain an existing floor that has had carpet or tile pulled up.  We offer new products and solutions so that we can help you create the floor that you want.

Microtopping will solve many issues that you will find in a remodel or updating project.  We spray down the topping as thin as paint to get a fresh floor to work with.  This is great for areas where new concrete has been poured next to old or where the concrete has been repaired.

Micro-topping is great for previously stained concrete floors.  If your floor has faded, the color isn’t what you want any more, or for any other reason, we can micro-top the floor and that will give us a clean palette to work with.  The micro-topping will stain like fresh concrete.  This can not be used to hide cracks or other physical imperfections.

Here is a youtube video of Doug Micro-topping a living room.  It took less than 20 minutes to micro-top the entire room.


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